Militsa Gladnishka & Mihail Yossifov Sextet

Special guest Vassil Spassov - piano

Militsa sings with the best jazz musicians and artists and tours jazz festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. Her jazz projects such as The Call of the Wild with Vasil Spasov, Boris Taslev and Atanas Popov, as well as Let's Throw the Opera into Jazz! with Mihail Yosifov Sextet, are among the brightest events in her life, having won the hearts of the audience.

Let's Throw the Opera into Jazz!
Militsa gave the name of the project, but the catalyst of this idea came from the founder of the International Music Festival Mozart's Celebrations in Pravets – the magnificent Christina Angelakova. She told Misho Yosifov that she loved Militsa Gladnishka very much and would like to see a classic & jazz tandem on stage.

Mihail Yosifov and Vassil Spasov set about making the arrangements, and then craziest ideas were born together with Militsa. The show will give you the chance to hear great arias from The Barber of Seville, Carmen, Tosca, The Magic Flute and others, transformed into shattering emotional works where the familiar characters of the operas are filled with new vitality, colours and human aspect.