The world "jazzanitza" gives "jazz" a Bulgarian appearance in a way, and this is exactly the idea behind the music of Jazzanitza, composed by drummer and former Borislav Petrov. Jazzanitza is a collective of Bulgarian jazz musicians, whose individual musical searches gravitate towards combining contemporary jazz with elements of folk music from Bulgaria. The musicians belong to the first generation of Bulgarian musicians after the democratic changes (1989), who had the opportunity to receive their jazz education abroad and carry over the acquainted knowledge to their homeland. Jazzanitza follows the footsteps of giants in Bulgarian instrumental folk and jazz music, such as Ivo Papasov, Peter Ralchev, Milcho Leviev, Theodosii Spassov, Antoni Donchev and many others, who's creations through the years have given the undeniable proof, that Bulgarian folk music and jazz can live together successfully.

The musicians in Jazzanitza now have a rich tradition to build on, by also adding their individual signature to it.

Borislav Petrov – drums/compositions, Dimitar Liolev – alto saxophone, Vladimir Karparov – tenor and soprano saxophone, Ludmil Krumov - guitar, Boris Taslev - bass, special guest: Antoni Donchev - piano