Theodosii Spassov VЯRA project

"Years ago, I had likewise got together two bands—folk and jazz, I worked with at the time. From that edition there was even a CD titled "Faith" dedicated to the Vera Kochovska phenomenon. The band is bigger this time. I have been working with the Folk Quintet for 10 years now, and with the jazz formation – 8 years, where I am the unifying figure between them. There are new plays to be learnt by both bands, even there is one or two for me. Interestingly, colleagues from the folk band have an interest in jazz and vice versa, from the jazz group to folklore. All of the musicians are presently among the leading musicians, each of them has grown up in their music, has their experience, and it will be a real pleasure for the audience to see them together on the stage. This will be an exciting friendly meeting, a kind of communication in which everyone will express their musical point of view. We will perform two new plays: "Graovsko Horo" and "Novo Horo", which were created during our American tour with the Folk Quintet in January 2018."

The concert program is an incredible mixture of folklore and jazz, a mix of bright musical personalities and exquisite ensemble, an expression of creative unity in magnificent compositions and performances that give true aesthetic joy and satisfaction. Mythical, unimaginable, impossible, unexpected turns into a sound reality. Even in prominent folklore plays, his unexpected teases and musical manoeuvres surprise and amaze with his rich imagination and the incredible "skipping" from one genre into another. It gives him the pleasure of literally juggling with them. It gives him the pleasure of regaling with his kaval. And he involves everyone in his regaling – both musicians and us, listeners.

For the first time on the stage, together with Theodosii Spassov, there will appear the following jazz musicians: Miroslav Turiiski, piano; Nikolay Karageorgiev, guitar; Alexander Lekov, bass guitar; Nacho Gospodinov, percussions; and folklore artists Peyo Peev, gadulka; Ivan Georgiev, bagpipe; Hristiyan Tsvyatkov, guitar; and Gennady Rashkov, tupan (a large double-headed drum).